My love affair for music started with a humbling beginning. I was 21 years old, and far from living in the light. Broken by low self-esteem, battling my way through addiction. I would spend my nights in a dark place; both physically and mentally. I had yet to discover the tools I already possessed for healing, but I had an IPA, and would spend hours pouring through YouTube. I had recently stumbled across progressive house/electronic music, and would spend my time getting wrapped up in endless playlists. My favorites, (then and now), were long hour-plus mixes, with soothing female vocals and uplifting, progressive beats in the background. To this day, 5 and a half years later, I swear when I play these mixes I get transported to a whole new place, and a bright new realm opens up in my mind, full of hope and courage. My anxieties drop, fears dissipate, almost like a child being sung a loving lullaby. For myself, it is truly soul music, my “happy place”. I go back to that childlike state, where pure bliss feels like it’s literally bubbling out of my heart. 


There are endless ways to heal the heart and soul, and music has become one of kind. From those days to present, you can find me at almost any time playing one of my favorite progressive house playlists. Endless beats bring awareness of endless possibilities, and I feel more connected with the purest form of ‘me’.

Fast forward 5 and a half years later… I had harnessed the power within and crawled out of the deep darkness I had created. Mind you, self-healing is a never ending journey, but I had finally pointed myself in the rightdirection. Along with music, yoga had become one of my saving graces. 6 months prior to now, I had received my 200 Hour Yoga Certification and begun teaching at my local studio. Looking back on my earlier days of practicing, I reflect on taking classes where the music was ‘just right’ for me, and how myself and all my fellow yogis seemed to effortlessly float through beautifully constructed flows. I knew now that I was teaching my own classes, I had to share my passions for yoga and music, in hopes of inspiring my students to tap in with the rhythm and flow their bodies already possessed.

It has since become one of my greatest pleasures to compile playlists to fit with the flow of the asanas I put together for my classes. Set to the uplifting, inspiring tunes of Tycho, Blackmill, Anjunabeats, Kaskade, and Above & Beyond, just to name a few. From their humbling beginnings in child’s pose, to grounding and empowering poses such as Warrior 1 and crescent lunge, I compile my playlists to flow with their growing heart rates. I believe in the power of beats per minute, and music’s ability to transport you to a whole new world of space and time.

At first I found myself a little apprehensive, as I was not presenting a typical mellow, low tempo ‘OM’ playlist. But as humans on this earth, we are blessed with unique thoughts and ideas, and I knew I had to share my passions for yoga and music.

From my early days of recovering over 4 years ago to now, my yoga practice has been a heaven-sent splice. By hitting myday after day, I was able to finally say ‘I’m sorry’ to the child within, and cultivate a bright outlook and new sense of self-awareness. We have spirit and we have soul, and to feed and nourish these two is so humbling, magical, powerful…

For as long as I practice and as long as I teach, my aim is to share my deep passion for music with as many people as I can. To all my fellow yogis and music lovers, I salute you! Open your heart, feel the BPM rush through your veins, and flow on!


Molly Brougher

Instagram: @mollytamlin

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  • Shari Arnold
    commented 2017-01-31 09:48:05 -0600
    Lovely story.

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