Welcome to the Fabulous Working Ladies of Austin!


The Fabulous Working Ladies is a thriving sisterhood of women serving in business, life and community.

There is a need for women to connect, to help & support one another in business. To share our life and experiences with others and we desire to make change in the lives of those in need, through local and nationwide charitable organizations. 

Don’t let the name Fabulous “Working” Ladies fool you. Our group believes supporting women who work inside and outside the home whether it is in our professional jobs or working on being the best we can be. 

A Fabulous Working Lady is powerful, inspiring, compassionate, uplifting and determined.

Together we ARE powerful, together we create change, together we make a difference in so many lives, and together we are “Powered by Fabulous Working Ladies!

Becoming a member of FAB is not just an investment in your business, but in the quality of your life!

You Get: 

  • Lively lunches focused on building real relationships not fake referrals
  • Happy Hours!
  • Community Involvement
  • A real directory listing with no limit on content and the ability to upload photos
  • Daily connection to members in your chapter and the national group via facebook
  • $250/$500 memberships entitles you to FREE Vendor tables, so you can not only talk about your business but show your products (That's a freakin' huge deal!)
  • A chance to write about what you know as a guest blogger - with a personal and company bio added at no additional cost
  • Free backlinks to your site through the directory and your guest blog posts
  • The ability to advertise on the FAB site for very (and I'm talking very!) little money
  • Love, support, humor, fun and very little attitude.

Become a member today! 


Shari Arnold


496 directory listings
Ashley Kamrath
Native TEXAN! TV/Radio/PR. Two-time Emmy Award Winner. Football, Huntin/Fishin, Travel, Ireland, Country Music & SUPPORT our Veterans! Instagram @AshleyKamrath
Amy King-Lowe
Plexus Ambassador. Type 1 Diabetes Parent. Converted Austinite. Helping others feel great, overcome chronic pain, control appetites & find their happy place.
cathy kinney
I help people discover and build their dreams so they can live the life they truly love to live.
Sarah Kitterman
Dance, Pilates, PiYo & Wellness Coach at Self-Employed
Jamie Koppi
Network Marketer consumed with a passion for helping people achieve their goals in life & business.
Eden Lackey
Soul Inc.-Inspire, Empower, Change!! Essential Oils http://t.co/oBooQyUYb9 Pangea organic http://t.co/aCIqFxYH0q Artist
Susan Lafferty
Married-3 amazing sons, enthusiastic-love being my own boss and helping others begin their business with Mary Kay, a leading business in today's economy.
Candace Lambert
Interior Designer and Owner, C & R Interiors
Grace Lanni
INNOVATION to drive business success
Deborah Larson
Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Trainer, Speaker. Passionate Activist promoting others to invest in a community leaving a legacy for the next generation
Kayvon Leath
To advance and promote the remodeling industry's professionalism, product and vital public purpose
Roxie LeBlanc
Prima Executive Director

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