3 Easy Steps to Prepare for an Event by Jan Goss-Gibson

Confidence can be fickle. One moment you are on top of the world, knowing you’ve got this then, a harsh word, an arrogant look from a superior, or a flash of a painful memory and your confidence has left the building!

Would you like some practical empowerment tips so this will never happen again? Here are 3 simple, yet powerful ways to help you prepare in advance so you can hold on to your confidence!

1. Eat something in advance – When we are hungry, we act differently than when we are satisfied. Our nerves are more on edge, we can get a little cranky and certainly not be our best. Even if you are attending a dinner, eat a little snack before you go. Grab a handful of almonds, or eat a piece of fruit or a protein bar. One of the worst impressions you can make is to head straight to the food at a party. Watch for the subtle difference you feel when you are not focused on food at an event.

2. Empty your head trash – Comparison is a killer. There is only one “You” in this world. Don’t compare yourself to others. Be the very best version of “You” that you can be. Focus on what you have to give to others and not what you can get from them. Give a smile, a nod of the head or some form of acknowledgement to those in the room who may look a little uncomfortable. Get your mind off of yourself. You are good enough. You are smart enough. You ARE enough! When we think only of ourselves, we become “self-conscious”.  Think about how you can help make someone else feel important or valued. Empty your “head trash” and you will have a great time!

3. Act as if you belong –  Think about it. You are at this event because someone invited you. You belong there. Have you ever gone to a party where you knew you were invited, but you didn’t feel like you belonged? Remember, that is only a feeling. Feelings are real, but not necessarily true. The truth is, you were invited and you belong, so ACT as if you belong! This is one of the secrets our ambassadors and diplomats are taught. You must act as if you belong because you do!

Jan Goss-Gibson is America’s #1 Master Confidence strategist. Jan and her team empower the people behind top tier brands to make their very best First Impression every time.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

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